Scott McLean


Scott McLean, from Glasgow, is a well established drummer who has been described by many as the “Devil Drummer”.  Having been tutored by Tom McNee since the age of eight, Scott has continued to widen his talents in percussion. This has moulded the drummer into the performer he is today.  As well as playing conventional drum kit and electric kits, he enjoys other percussion instruments which include djembe, cajon, and many assorted drums.  He is considered one of the freshest sounding drummers around, known not only for his competent drumming, but also his extended solos which are clearly his own style.

After performing with the Alison McNeill Ceilidh Band in 2007 at the Myths and Legends Concert when he was only 17, Scott started to perfect his rock and heavy metal style to complement celtic and folk music.  His skill and dedication has made Scott extremely popular in local music circles.  His energy and enthusiasm is far from basic, and drumming with speed and control amazes everyone, which is one of his many attributes.  He offers his services as a session drummer at open mic nights to many individuals and groups.  Scott has appeared on television as part of Reely Jiggered in the children’s program “Woolly and Tig” on BBC Cbeebies.  The band also had a part in the opera Don Giovanni at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  They also performed at Celtic Connections for the first time in 2013 which was covered by Celtic Music Radio.

Scott has entertained in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow, where he performed alongside various gospel musicians for the Annual SEN Celebratory Mass.  He has also played at a number of venues in Inverclyde and at the Burns-Nazrul events in Glasgow.  Scott also has links with Sunny Govan Radio where he participated in music and song writing with members of the 80’s band SCHEME.

Scott, the Devil Drummer, has been interviewed as part of the band on Celtic Music Radio, Inverclyde Radio, Dunoon Community Radio and Germany’s SchottenRadio which has over 70,000 listeners.


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