Music Video


Here is the official music video for Reely Jiggered’s “Parting Glass”.
This track is from Reely Jiggered’s current album Kaleidoscope.
A huge thank you to Inma de Reyes (original idea and video director) and  Kelsi Dean Buck Рvideo editor

Thanks to Author Patrick Lorcan Woods for this really cool mention about us and our music.

As a music critic I am always fascinated at the raw talent that musically is overlooked for the commercial crap that is instead promoted these days on T.V. This Scottish group is on my hit list for a 2016 interview and has been since I first heard their amazing talent-and I cannot wait for this to happen. They are lyrically & vocally talented, fun to watch and musically so articulate. I foresee huge things for them all in the coming year- I hope you agree and savor what is a real musical talent into-days auto tuned and over the top commercialized pop culture.


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