Voting Open! Nominated for Celtic Radio Music Awards (USA)

“Folk Police” from our album has been nominated for a Celtic Radio Music award!!! Please vote for us here –
Voting closes on 17th March!! Online Awards announced on 18th March. Please vote for us, and share this with your friends and family!
[Click on “contact”, it’ll come up with a contact page, select “Nomination for a Music Award” from the drop down Subject menu. Type in that you want to vote for us and Folk Police,¬†click you’re not a robot and send!]

The Celtic Radio Music Award is a program sponsored by Highlander Radio to acknowledge and promote exceptional Celtic music across 6 categories of music. Nominations for this award are made throughout the year by listeners and members of Celtic Radio. This year we reviewed nearly 600 songs for this awards program. After a careful screening process, which is based upon listener nominations, ratings, requests, and other radio statistics; we select 3 songs in 6 categories for community voting. Categories for an award are Celtic Rock, Traditional, Jigs & Reels, Contemporary, Bagpipes and Roots Traditional.

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